Report: BATES MOTEL Alum Hired as ARROW's ANARKY

Alexander Calvert in 'Motive'
Alexander Calvert in 'Motive'
Credit: ABC

In today's second piece of Arrow casting news, it looks like the show has found its Anarky. Just like Mr. Terrific, Anarky was announced for Arrow's fourth season at Comic-Con International: San Diego, though no casting was announced at the time.

CBR reports that Alexander Calvert of Bates Motel fame will play Lonnie Machin in Arrow, described as “a deranged freelancing criminal who is willing to do whatever it takes to impress a potential employer."

In comic books, Anarky is an anti-hero who espouses anarchist values, who headlined his own self-titled series from in the late 1990s.

Arrow season 4 premieres on October 7, 2015.

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