Update: ANT-MAN Wins Weekend Box Office Battle, Gets Slap-Happy In New Promo Video

Still from "Ant-Man" promotional video
Credit: Marvel Studios

Updated June 20, 2015 at 12:45 p.m. EST: The final tally for Ant-Man's opening weekend was $58 million domestically, placing it in first place ahead of last week's champs Minions as well as new Rated-R comedy Trainwreck.

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, $58 million makes it second smallest Marvel Studios film ever after The Incredible Hulk. But that being said, in the international markets Ant-Man peformed better opening weekend that Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor with $56.4m. That places it less than $18m short of its reported $130m budget, just four days after release.

"This is a great start, albeit not as big as some people said it would be, and Marvel has once again successfully expanded its stable of characters in a way that makes its universe fresh,"Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis told THR. Hollis revealed that Ant-Man trumped all previous Marvel Studios films when it came to the female and family demographics, with 28% and 32% respectively.

Over the weekend, Marvel released a brief but slap-happy promo video for Ant-Man featuring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas doing a bit of physical comedy. Take a look:


Ant-Man Character Posters
Ant-Man Character Posters
Credit: Marvel Studios

Original Story: The receipts are in for the early showings of Marvel Studios' Ant-Man, with the Thursday evening shows raking in an estimated $6.4 million according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film will be in 3,856 theaters this weekend, with THR projecting its domestic weekend totals in the $60-$65m range. An earlier THR report pegged Ant-Man's total budget at $130m.

Thursday showings are a relatively new facet of movie openings, only becoming widespread in 2011. That being said, Ant-Man's $6.4m Thursday is the lowest since Marvel's last solo movie franchise, Captain America: The First Avenger, which earned $4m towards a weekend box office of $65m. Since then, Thursday box office figures for Marvel movies have exceeded Ant-Man's totals with Avengers: Age of Ultron capturing $27.6m on its Thursday opening and Guardians of the Galaxy, the last new Marvel franchise, earning $10.2m.

In theaters however, Ant-Man looks to easily trump other new releases this week, with its main challenger being the second weekend of the current box office champion, Minions, whose opening Thursday box office was just below Ant-Man's at $6.2m towards a weekend total of $115.7m.

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