POLL: Best Price Point For Downloadable Comic Books?

Can the iPhone Save Comic Books?

Wednesday, in his latest Blog@Newsarama entry, Top Cow E-i-C Filip Sablik addressed an issue that seems to be getting more and more attention these days - the future of comic books online and on mobile devices.

More specifically, Sablik wondered aloud what will be the correct price point for downloadable comic books if and when the distribution channel gains real popularity and a viable revenue model for publishers presents itself.

As you can read for yourself in his entry, Sablik believes free (supported by ad revenue) might be the most realistic model, with the universal marketing chestnut of $0.99 getting some attention too.  

But who better to ask than the comic book buying public – or you all.

We want to know what you think will be the most attractive alternative in terms of pricing downloadable comics.

Free, as Sablik argues, but supported by embedded ads ala traditional published comics?

$0.99 - or the iTunes model - ala most downloadable songs?

Would you be willing to pay more than a dollar to download $3 and $4 dollar comics?

Or how about a subscription/bundle service for $5.00 or more that allows you multiple downloads for prices that average out better than $0.99 per issue?

Please let us know which of these options suits you best or if you have any different ideas of your own, share them with us, your fellow readers, and maybe even someone from a publisher or two…

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