ANT-MAN Director Wanted to Make 2005's FANTASTIC FOUR A Lot Like THE AVENGERS

Fantastic Four by Joe Quesada
Fantastic Four by Joe Quesada
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Studios

Ant-Man is now in theatres, and its director, Peyton Reed has opened up about the superhero movie he almost made more than ten years ago. Reed was the original director hired for 20th Century Fox's Fantastic Four film in 2005, but ended up leaving the project with Tim Story coming in as a replacement -- and directing the sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. But now with Reed finally coming through with a superhero movie, the director opens up on his plans for the FF and what led to his departure.

“I was a huge Marvel fan when I was a kid and knew Fantastic Four inside out and felt they were always the crown jewel of Marvel. So I went in and got [hired for] the movie and I developed it for the better part of a year with three different sets of writers," Reed told Yahoo Movies UK. “But it became clear after a while that Fox had a very different movie in mind and they were also chasing a release date… so we ended up parting company. I felt like I couldn’t make the movie I wanted to make in that environment.”

Reed, who was TV director until his big-screen breakthrough with 2000's Bring It On, describes working for 20th Century Fox at the time as very particular.

Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
Credit: / Fox

“The environment at Fox in 2003 was very different to the environment at Marvel in 2015," said Reed. "Fox at that time had a very specific idea; they wanted to pitch it much younger than I wanted to and I always felt like they were treating those characters like b-level characters. I never felt like they understood the real strength of that property.”

That being said, Reed is excited for August's Fantastic Four movie.

“I’m psyched for Josh Trank’s version of Fantastic Four. I know nothing about it but I know I really liked Chronicle so I’m hopeful," said the director. "I think there is a great Fantastic Four movie yet to be made.”

As for what his Fantastic Four would have been like, the Ant-Man director said it was similiar to another supehero movie that did get made.

“I actually feel like Joss Whedon’s first Avengers did a lot of the same things that I would have liked to have done in Fantastic Four. These massive battles in the streets of Manhattan for example.”

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