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Marvel has several new Inhumans series with "All-New, All-Different Marvel," and now there's word of one more: All-New Inhumans. The series was briefly discussed by Marvel editor Nick Lowe in a recent episode of the "This Week In Marvel" podcast, describing it as a new series by Charles Soule and Stefano Caselli that would feature both new Inhumans characters as well as some classic ones, such as Crystal.

"This book is going to be so cool," Lowe said. "It's going to be dealing with new Inhuman characters, as well as a couple Inhuman characters you haven't seen since the launch of Inhuman."

When asked if Crystal would be among them, Lowe confirmed it and said he was "excited" for the plans for the character.

"People are not going to see it coming, but it will kick so much butt."

Lowe also revealed that one of the new events transpiring in the eight month gap between Secret Wars and the launch of "All-New All-Different Marvel" will be mysterious "crystal sky spears" that descended from space and landed on Earth.

"What are they? Why are they here," Lowe asks rhetorically. "[All-New Inhumans] involves those, and they're all over the world."

When asked for further comment, Marvel declined.

Although no timetable was announced for All-New Inhumans, it will join a growing franchise of Inhumans titles at Marvel this fall with Uncanny Inhumans, Ms. Marvel, Karnak, as well as Inhumans appearing in All-New, All-Different Avengers and Uncanny Avengers.

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