EISENBERG Clarifies Comic-Con 'Genocide' Comments as 'Hyperbole'

Jesse Eisenberg in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"
Credit: Warner Bros.

Although Lex Luthor isn't as well-known for his jokes as another DC super villain, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice actor now says his comments comparing his recent visit to Comic-Con International: San Diego as akin to "genocide" were merely him exagerrating for effect.

"I of course was using hyperbole to describe the sensory overload I experienced. I sometimes do employ that," Eisenberg told AP (via The Hollywood Reporter) in a subsequent interview. "I'm a normal person who has normal sensory experiences, so Comic-Con was very overwhelming for me. That said, it was really an honor to be on that end of such jubilation."

The actor added that it was "wonderful" to be involved with a movie that earned such advance interest as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, calling it "unheard of and thrilling."

Eisenberg has previously mentioned in several interviews that he has strong social anxiety, talking to the Guardian in 2011 about his reluctance to do public events promoting his work, in that case the Academy Awards.

"It's just very time consuming," Eisenberg said. "You're there to promote something but also to sell yourself which is in itself a nebulous concept."

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