Shopping App for Comics, Action Figures, Games Unveiled by Purch

Credit: Purch

Newsarama’s parent company, Purch, has rolled out a shopping app that allows users to comparison shop for products that are relevant to readers of Newsarama, including graphic novels, action figures and video games.

The app, called Purchx, is iOS-based — an Android version is coming later this year. It was previously called Consumr, and it was acquired by Purch in March. Purchx boasts 3 million products with reviews created by consumers who use the app. It includes price comparisons with products in nearby stores and online sellers such as Amazon, as well as those for Purch's online store — called Purch Marketplace — which just launched today. Users of the Purchx app can purchase items online or choose to "buy nearby.”

In stores, consumers can scan barcodes to pull up items, or search for items directly within the app.

Entering “comics” in the Purchx app will return graphic novels, books about the history of comics, DC, Marvel and Dark Horse sub-categories.

The video games category features a huge database of reviews by gamers and allows use to search by brand name – like Namco or Capcom.

The app can compare a scanned or searched product to the top 20 related items in that category. If deciding between two games, users can see the comments side-by-side and then swipe left or right to see more comparisons.

Some products are sold directly by Purch Marketplace; these products span three categories — electronics, software and smart home — and have been reviewed by other Purch websites, such asas (for telescopes and binoculars), Top Ten Reviews, Tom's Guide and Tom's Hardware. Products with high ratings from one of these websites will have a "Purch badge" attached to it.

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