SEELEY Promises New Blood, New Characters & 'No Vampires' in BLADE

Blade designs by Logan Faerber
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Blade's back -- and he's got some new blood.

Announced Sunday at Comic-Con International: San Diego' "Women of Marvel" panel, the new Blade series features the familiar 'daywalker' as well as a surprise: a daughter he never knew he had.

A new teenager, Fallon Grey, will join the family business and fight new breeds of monsters alongside Eric Brooks, the old Blade, who is possibly her father.

Newsarama spoke to Seeley over the weekend to get a better idea of who Fallon Grey is, what readers can expect from this new series, and what they are planning to do that will set it apart from other incarnations.

Newsarama: So Tim, you’re writing a new Blade series, which isn’t just about Blade this time around, but also a young girl by the name of Fallon Grey. What exactly is their relationship?

Tim Seeley: Well basically, it’s Blade’s daughter, but there’s a hitch: Blade doesn’t recall having a daughter or conceiving a daughter so he’s sort of confused on how she can be his kid. She’s a sixteen year-old girl that has some of his powers that seems connected to his.

Nrama: You’re working with the up-and-comer Logan Faerber, who I’ve been a fan of for a few years, what was it about his style that brings the most out of something like Blade?

Seeley: I think one of the reasons that our editor Katie Kubert suggested Logan is because it was important for this Blade book to not look like the other Blade books. Since the 90’s movies, the Blade books have this hard, gothic look and I think because it’s a different story about him we wanted something that didn’t look any previous version. We wanted to do something more textured and nuanced and a little bit weird that will set this story apart from the usual “Blade fights a new tribe of vampires”, which has what Blade has been about for so long.

Nrama: Everyone knows about Blade, but can you tell us about Fallon Grey?

Seeley: My goal was to sort of create this anti-Peter Parker in that she’s not a loser, not a nerd, she’s super popular with the expectations on her are very high. I think those are great characters to tell stories about. So she’s sort of dealing with those people who think she’s perfect and some day she’s trying to save the world, so she’s dealing with all of that pressure as opposed to the lack of expectations.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: We already know who her possible father is, but what are the chances of finding out about her mother?

Seeley: That’s definitely part of the story and a big part of the mystery the woman he believes to be the mother that he doesn’t remember meeting. Yeah, we’ll have some cool twists about it, but we’re sort of playing with the idea that since Blade is a half-vampire that he’s more evolved, but she’s something else entirely. So she has more elevated abilities than he does and so the ability to walk in the daylight is that impressive to her when it comes to what she can do.

Nrama: Ok, let’s talk about Blade a little bit more, where is he at the opening of the series? What’s going to through his mind?

Seeley: The thing about Blade is that after maybe a hundred years of fighting vampires, we don’t really know how old Blade is, but it’s kinda the implication that he’s been around for a while, is that he’s sort of losing his focus and doesn’t really remember why he spends all his time revenging on vampires. So he’s looking for some other reason to keep on going. He’s losing his edge and losing his hate and I think that’s what we’re going to play with in Blade.  How do you keep on living to kill stuff when you aren’t sure why you’re doing it anymore?

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: But you wouldn’t say he’s lost his touch, would you?

Seeley: Oh, no, Blade still stabs things in the face! He’s still really good at what he does, but as a guy, he’s sort of examining his existence as a weapon. He’s named after a weapon, ya know?

Nrama: Lastly, with the series being called Blade, it carries a certain lineage and I assume there are some vampires, but what other supernatural creatures could we see in this series? Werewolves or the Legion of Monsters, maybe?

Seeley: My first promise to myself was that there are no vampires in Blade. It’s all new monsters and one of the things I pitched to Marvel was that vampires aren’t scary anymore because we all know the rules. We know they can’t handle sunlight, they’ll explode if you stab them with a stake. They’ve lost their ability to scare us so I felt that it would make Blade more interesting if he was trying to figure out how to kill these things. He knows how to stab a vampire, we’ve seen him do it a bazillion times and he’s really good at it, but now he’s got to use his sort of cunning to deal with completely new monsters.

There’s some crazy stuff I’m making up with Logan, like the creature called the Hellix that is sort of like when a group of people have the same sin, this demon possesses them and turns them into this swirling DNA strand of demon hatred. So there’s crazy stuff in there, ya know? New monsters! There’s this organization that’s trying to breed out all the weaknesses in monsters because there’s still subject to so much vulnerabilities like silver and daylight. I mean that’s half the day! So this organization is trying to fix that eugenically, but they end up making weird stuff along the way.

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