Revisit Teenage PETER PARKER In New 'SPIDEY' Title

"Spidey" slide from SDCC Marvel retailer event
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel confirmed a new "enty level book" Spider-Man title aimed at children called Spidey, written by Robbie Thompson and featuring Peter Parker as a teenager.

Marvel's Sana Amanat said, "We want to provide an entry level book that is friendly to young kids but isn't creaky or dated." The book will feature standalone stories.

Spidey was originally hinted about during a retailers-only event on Friday morning at Comic-Con International in San Diego, although they had given no details. At the time, Marvel showed an image with the tagline, "Before he was amazing" and showed Spider-Man swinging through a city carrying what appears to be bank robbers.

The confirmation of the new title was given during the Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends panel after a fan asked about the book.

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