Concept art for "Blade"
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel's day-walking vampire hunter gets a new take in October as writer Tim Seeley and artist Logan Faerber launch an ongoing Blade title, as announced Sunday at Comic-Con International: San Diego's "Women of Marvel" panel.

Working with his 16-year-old daughter to fight vampiric threats in the Marvel universe, Blade will draw from the '70s Marvel Monster magazines, according to Seeley.

"My goal is to make the monsters scary again — the way they were to me then," Seeley told CBR. "I think, too often with modern horror, the reader knows too many of the 'rules' and that makes vampires and zombies less frightening. Blade is going against stuff he's never seen before, and I want the reader to be afraid to hide this under their beds."

Seeley's already well-known for his horror-themed comic Hack/Slash from Image, but he's dabbled in a slew of other genres and comic projects for digital and print comics, including DC's recent weekly series Batman Eternal and his current ongoing Grayson title.

Blade's co-star in the book will be his seemingly "normal" teen daughter, Fallon Grey. Seeley said he realizes that a high school girl fighting vampires will invariably be compared with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the writer swears he's avoided watching the show.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"While I think 'high school girl fights monsters' will always invite Buffy comparisons, I'd like to think my blissful ignorance will at least keep me from hewing too close to Joss Whedon's work," Seeley said.

"My take on Fallon is that she's an 'anti-Peter Parker,'" the writer said. "She's popular, well liked, and everyone around her thinks she has the future by the balls. But those kind of expectations come with their own stresses, and part of Fallon's story will be dealing with what people expect her to be."

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