Immonen, Pichelli Named as New 'Runaways' Team

New Runaways Creative Team Named

It was a surprising place for an announcement, but nonetheless, Marvel has announced the new creative team for Runaways via G4’s Attack of the Show.

Blair Butler broke the news that Kathryn (Patsy Walker: Hellcat) Immonen and Sara (NYX) Pichelli will be the new team on the series, following Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos – whose run ends in April. Upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man artist David Lafuente will draw covers for the series.

In the segment, Butler said “Marvel promises that one Runaway will die in the new story arc, and one might live again.”

Click on the link above for the full segment.

The new team will most likely begin in June (issue #11) which has an issue solicited, with the information for the issue being listed as "classified."

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