Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC announced that Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson will be illustrating the The Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello are writing this second sequel to the seminal The Dark Knight Returns.

"Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello have crafted such an incredible story for DKIII," Kubert said," as I am truly honored to be associated with them, this project, and Klaus Janson. We, along with the fans, are in for a great ride!”

In addition, the eight-issue series will feature standalone secondary stories with a rotating art team featuring other aspects of what DC has now dubbed the "Dark Knight Universe." In 2001 during the promotion of the previous squel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Miller talked about the possibility of expanding his take on Batman and Gotham into a broader line of titles for DC but nothing ever came of it at that time.

Credit: DC Comics

“We went into this knowing that we had to give fans more,” said Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, Co-Publishers for DC Entertainment. “We’re pulling out all the stops to deliver an amazing conclusion to this exciting body of work. We hope it inspires the next generation of writers and artists, the way it has already inspired us.”

Andy Kubert is described as the lead artist, but there's no word yet on if Klaus Janson will be inking over Kubert's work or illustrating the series as well. Janson has a long history in working with Miller, beginning with Daredevil in the early 1980s.

"Any opportunity to work with Frank Miller is a happy occasion for me,” said Janson. “When we add the talents of Brian Azzarello and Andy Kubert to the mix, we have the ingredients to achieve something truly memorable. This will be amazing!"

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