Revamped SUGAR & SPIKE 1st Look ... And SUPERMAN's Red Trunks Return

"Sugar & Spike" art by Howard Porter
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Earlier this week 8 new DC miniseries were announced revamping Sugar & Spike among others, and now we have a look at just how different this classic DC pair will be. DC co-publisher Dan Didio revealed on his Facebook page the first piece of art from the upcoming Kieth Giffen series. Howard Porter illustrated the piece, but there's no word on if he'll be involved with the series itself in any capacity.

"Someone is blackmailing the worlds greatest superheroes with embarrassing secrets from their past, and it's up to the only people every hero trusts, detectives Sugar and Spike, to find the culprit before these secrets are revealed," Didio explained. "Personally, I can't wait."

In addition to showing the now-adult Sugar and Spike, the illustration also shows four of DC's most popular characters - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern - in their classic pre-"New 52" designs. Or in simpler terms, Superman again has red underwear on the outside.

Given how DC by their own account has deemphasized continuity with their line-wide revamp, it appears as the new Sugar and Spike may inhabit a different world than DC's current continuity titles.

Sugar and Spike originated in a 1956 DC humor series by Sheldon Mayer, featuring the two troublesome toddlers. The characters were written and drawn almost exclusively by Mayer, although they've had small cameos since then in various titles.

Neil Gaiman has called the original series "the most charming thing" he'd ever seen in comic books, but Didio's description of this new iteration looks to dramatically revamp the concept.

"They're not spoiled kids anymore," explained DiDio in a USA Today interview," but they're older and they're operating as private investigators handling problems and mysteries that the superheroes can't handle themselves."

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