DISNEY CEO Has 'No Concerns' About Comic Book Movie Competition: 'We're Marvel'

DC vs. Marvel by John Byrne
Credit: John Byrne / DC / Marvel
Ant-Man Character Posters
Ant-Man Character Posters
Credit: Marvel Studios

DC and Marvel have been rivals on comic book shelves for decades, but Disney CEO Bob Iger says that there's no competition for Marvel on the big screen. At a recent media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, Variety quoted Iger as saying the track record Marvel Studios films has made it so the Marvel logo on a film helps any film associated with it.

"We're Marvel," Iger said. "We've done a great job of building the Marvel brand, which we think when it's on a movie really makes a difference. We're seeing signs of that."

Iger may have grounds to have confidence in Marvel's next release, Ant-Man, with positive early reviews from Variety and Forbes. The film also received positive social media buzz from those in attendance for advance screenings.

"We like the Marvel slate that we have coming up," said Iger, referring to Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. "We think they're unique in many ways and have no concerns [about competition] whatsover."

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