Report: SPIDER-MAN Reboot's AUNT MAY Cast

Marisa Tomei in Crazy, Stupid Love

Variety reports that Oscar winner (and three-time nominee) Marisa Tomei has been chosen to play Aunt May in the upcoming Spider-Man movie. Neither Sony or Marvel Studios have commented on the report, but Variety's unnamed sources say that Tomei was offered the part last week.

Credit: Marvel Comics

If accurate, the casting continues a trend by previous Spider-Man filmmakers in turning back the clock on Aunt May's age. Sam Raimi's Spider-Man in 2002 featured Rosemary Harris in this role, who was at the time 75. In 2012's Amazing Spider-Man by director Marc Webb, Sally Field was 68 at the time. Tomei has just turned 50.

The "youngification" of the character does however better reflect the age of the character as depicted in Marvel's current Spider-Man animated series.

If cast, Tomei would join Tom Holland and director Jon Watts on this third reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise with Sony, now with Marvel Studios heading up the creative. A screenwriter for the project has yet to be announced.

Spider-Man is scheduled for release July 28, 2017.

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