JIM STARLIN Plots Writing-Drawing Return to DREADSTAR

Dreadstar Omnibus Vol. 1 cover by Jim Starlin
Dreadstar Omnibus Vol. 1 cover by Jim Starlin
Credit: Dynamite Entertainment

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jim Starlin is plotting a comic book return to one of his signature cosmic properties Dreadstar.

The once-flagship title of Marvel Comics original Epic imprint, the 1982 graphic novel-then-series starred the lone survivor of the Milky Way galaxy who led a “ragtag motley group of outlaws against two evil galactic empires.”

The property is currently in development with Universal Cable Productions and Benderspink for a TV series adaptation.

“I’ve been poking around an idea and with the TV show in development, I can start in on it,” Starlin told THR.

The writer-artist currently plans on writing and illustrating the new series, the first time he’ll be drawing the character in 28 years.

“Drawing for me is a love-hate thing,” he told THR. “It’s a younger person’s job. And so I tend to write for other people. But with this particular thing, I’m at a point financially that I can do whatever I want to at this point…and this is what I want to do.”

“Right now I’m trying to decide what I want to Dreadstar’s uniform to look like.”

The Dreadstar sequel doesn’t have a publisher lined up yet, with Starlin explaining he wants several issues of the “intended mini-series” in the can before shopping it. The creator reportedly also is working on a secret series of six creator-owned one-shots. Marvel recently announced a new pair of “Infinity” projects he will write.

The creator told THR he considers his Dreadstar creations a reflection of himself.

“Warlock is my dreamer, Thanos is my dark side, and Dreadstar is the anarchist in me,” he explained. “The character was never any good when it was peaceful. He’s a hero but his motivation is all messed up.”

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