Report: The CW Casts VIXEN

Promotional Image from CW Seed's Vixen
Promotional Image from CW Seed's Vixen
Credit: CW
Credit: CBS

TV Guide Magazine reports (via a scan from VixenVarsity) that CSI: Miami star Megalyn Echikunwoka has been chosen to voice Vixen, a.k.a. Mari McCabe, in the upcoming Vixen animated series. The series, set to air on the CW's online channel CW Seed, has a six-episode first season overseen by Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim. Several of the CW's live-action heroes such as Arrow's Stephen Amell and The Flash's Barry Allen will be voicing animated versions of their characters..

"I lov that we get to expand the universe. We started off with Arrow, which is very grounded, then The Flash introduced the concept of superpowers to this universe, and now Vixen will introduce the concept of magic," Guggenheim explained. "We're continuing to build and expand the tapestry that we have to play with."

No mention is made of Echikunwoka playing Vixen in live-action such as in one of the CW's shows Arrow, The Flash or DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but given the interconnectivity Guggenheim alludes to and the actress' background on television it seems to be a possibility.

The six-episode animated Vixen series is scheduled to debut this summer on CW Seed.

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