Which Superhero Was Named 'Most Toxic'? The Answer Might Surprise You

DC vs. Marvel by George Perez
Credit: DC Comics / Marvel Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Which popular superhero is the most toxic around? That's what digital security firm Intel Security looked to find out for its third annual "Most Toxic Superheroes" list, and topping the charts is none other than Aquaman. The blonde-haired water-breather regained his "toxic" throne from last year's winner, Superman.

So how did Aquaman win -- or lose, depending on how you look at it? To come up with this list, Intel Security researched each of DC and Marvel's major superheroes to determine how many viruses, malware and inappropriate content comes up when you use their names as online search terms. The company ranked it by the percentile chances that clicking on a site from a online search for that character's name results in spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses or other malware.

For the reasoning on this, the digital security firm points to superheroes' popularity being co-opted by cybercriminals to gain traffic with their malicious content. They don't delve into why one, such as Aquaman, is more popular with cybercriminals than another. 

With last year's winner Superman dropping out of the Top 10 completely, Aquaman has some interesting colleagues joining him for this unenviable honor.

Marvel's Iron Fist came in at a close second to Aquaman, earning 19.69% of the results compared to Aquaman's even 20%. Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange and Daredevil. The "Science Bros." of the Hulk and Iron Man tied for seventh place with 18.85% each, with DC heroes Catwoman, Green Lantern and Batman rounding out the list. Other popular heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, Green Arrow, the Flash and Ant-Man didn't make the list.

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