REMENDER Leaves MARVEL For Creator-Owned Work

Stuart Immonen All-New Captain America art
Stuart Immonen All-New Captain America art
Credit: Marvel Comics

Hot on the heels of the reveal of much of Marvel's fall "All-New All-Different Marvel" line-up, Rick Remender has announced that he is leaving the company in favor of creator-owned work. 

"After eight years with the company, I've decided to take a break from my work at Marvel Comics," Remender said. "I feel it an urgent necessity to focus on my family and my creator-owned endeavors."

Remender, who was writer on both All-New Captain America and Uncanny Avengers, cited the desire for full control and ownership of work he produces.

"So, for the next year, I'm only going to do work that the artists and I own," said the writer. "Putting my ass on the line along with my partners, and try for the dream one more time. To get back to doing what feeds my soul. To be around for my family during some trying times and spend my work hours making comics with the people I want to, the exact way we want to make them, and owning and controling the fruits of our labor."

In addition to his current creator-owned books Deadly Class, Black Science and Low at Image, Remender has other books announced such as Tokyo Ghost at Image with Sean Murphy and Devolution at Dynamite.

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