SOUTHERN BASTARDS Creators To Donate Sales Of 'Sensational' #10 Variant To Charleston Shooting Victims

"Southern Bastards #10" variant cover by Jason Latour
Credit: Image Comics

Jason Aaron and Jason Latour have announced that they will be donating all proceeds from a variant cover edition of the upcoming Southern Bastards #10 to the families of the shooting victims in Charleston. The book, which is scheduled to be released July 15, will feature a new variant cover by Latour showing a dog standing and ripping at the Confederate Flag with the words "Death to the Flag" and "Long live the South" written over it.

"Being a Southerner is very important to me. It is my culture, and by and large it’s been very rewarding to me over the course of my life. Though I can’t speak for him, I think it’s been equally so for Jason Aaron," Latour posted on Tumblr.

Latour admits to a "conflicted relationship with the Confederate flag," but disagrees with what he feels it represents.

"So I’m writing this in part because I do take this issue seriously, and I want it to to be clear that even though my cover might be seen as a touch sensational– it was not something that was waded into casually," said Latour. "We knew that a dog tearing up the Confederate flag was not the most subtle of images, but as far as the discourse on this topic goes it seemed fitting. It’s never been all that subtle of a conversation has it?"

Read Latour's post on the Confederate Flag in full at this link.

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