FEIGE Promises 'Mind-Bending Wierdness' In DOCTOR STRANGE Movie - ANT-MAN Spoilers

Panel from "Doctor Strange"
Credit: Marvel Comics
Dr. Strange art by Chris Bachalo
Dr. Strange art by Chris Bachalo
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel Studios' President Kevin Feige is out promoting the upcoming Ant-Man movie, and in an interview with BirthMoviesDeath he says that, in a way, that movie's finale touches on "the tip" of what director Scott Derrickson has planned for 2016's Doctor Strange.

“We send Ant-Man on a very weird, mind-bending journey at the end of Ant-Man," Feige stated. "It was something we hadn’t seen in a shrinking movie before, but it also represents the tip of the mind-bending weirdness we’re going to do in Doctor Strange, which I think will surprise people.”

Although Doctor Strange is being filmed in London, Feige confirms that Strange's base, the Sanctum Sanctorum, will continue to be in New York's Greenwich Village as it is in the comic books.

“The Sanctum is on Bleeker Street, the modern day Bleeker Street,” stated the long-time movie producer. “He will be the strangest thing walking out onto that street.”

Just as Bleeker Street has changed since Stan Lee and Steve Ditko placed Strange there in the 1960s, so will the idea of who and what his mentor, the Ancient One, is in the movies according to Feige. Although he wouldn't comment on previous rumors that Tilda Swinton was being sought for the role, Feige did say Marvel had "leeway to cast in interesting ways."

“As we were developing this film we looked at the Ancient One as a mantle more than a specific person,” explained Feige. The sorcerers have been around for millennia, protecting us from things we didn’t know about until this story. There have been multiple [Ancient Ones], even if this one has been around for five hundred years, there were others. This is a mantle, and therefore felt we had leeway to cast in interesting ways.”

Another change is is the destination of the quest Strange goes on after losing the use of his hands and looking for enlightenment. In his original comic book origins, the one-time surgeon heads to Tibet, but not so in this film according to Feige.

"Not Tibet," Feige revealed. "Strange leaves New York in search of something and heads east."

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