MARVEL's CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS Returns In October As Ongoing

Contest of Champions #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

According to CNet, Marvel is launching a comic book based on its new video game Contest of Champions, which is itself based on a 1982 limited series that saw Marvel's top heroes pitted against each other by the Collector.

The plot of the video game and this subsequent comic book are similar, with the Collector serving as the catalyst that brings the heros and villains together in combat. Contest of Champions will be ongoing, and will take place within the post-Secret Wars Marvel continuity.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Speaking to the unique challenges of adapting a video game to comic book form,  Bill Rosemann, creative director at Marvel's games group said, "On the comic book side, this book has to be as good and bar-shattering as the game. We have to define what a comic is based on a game."

Contest of Champions is by writer Al Ewing and artist Paco Medina, with the aid of game developer Kabam, who helped create new characters such as Guillotine, a woman with a magic sword that speaks to her.

The Contest of Champions comic book series will debut in October.

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