"Uncanny Inhumans #1" cover by Steve McNiven
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has announced via Mashable how the returning Uncanny Inhumans series will be "All-New All Different" come October: Beast. Hank McCoy, one of the founding X-Men, will be joining the team book alongside the recently recruited founding Fantastic Four member the Human Torch and a group of Inhumans including Black Bolt and Medusa. Charles Soule and Steve McNiven, who did the Uncanny Inhumans #0 before the title was placed on hiatus for Secret Wars, will continue on this series.

"'Uncanny' was first associated with the Inhumans, not everybody knows that," said Soule. "Because it wasn’t the huge explosion with X-Men at first … it means, and I think it fits the Inhumans better anyway, 'strange and mysterious.' It just means, 'This is a big deal, Marvel readers!'"

According to Mashable, in the eight month storyline gap between the end of Secret Wars and the beginning of the "All-New All-Different Marvel" titles including Uncanny Inhumans, something happens between the burdgeoning Inhuman race and the long-standing mutant race that leads both Beast and the Human Torch to side with the Inhumans instead of their long-time teammates.

Mashable goes on to reveal that one of the key storylines of Uncanny Inhumans will be the search for Black Bolt and Medusa's missing son, Ahura. In Uncanny Inhumans #0, Black Bolt handed the child over to Kang for safekeeping in the timestream against the coming Incursions which kicked off Secret Wars. Soule has stated previously that Kang is one of the key villains planned in his Uncanny Inhumans run.

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