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Smallville 8.16 - "Turbulence"

"With me, what you see is what you get." -- Clark Kent (Tom Welling)

It begins in a confession booth with Davis Bloom confessing his sins to a priest. Talk about how something takes over without warning. The priest tells him to control his inner demons. Davis tells the priest how he stops the wickedness that he sees and it makes him feel more human. Doomsday has never been portrayed like this and it's still interesting to have such a creature with a human side. Ever since his debut, I remember former Justice League member Bloodwynd trying to get a psychic breach into Doomsday's mind and all he could see was destruction and rage. Though I should know by now, Smallville is not the comics.

Cut to Clark and Chloe talking about how Clark maybe pushing himself too far as the badly-named "Red-Blue Blur". Clark insists he can manage it and in fact has practiced his quick changing. Clark also insists that Chloe go visit Jimmy at the hospital (who's been there for about 5 weeks now). I find it strange that Clark has visited Jimmy more times than Chloe, or at least that's how it appeared to me.

Meanwhile Jimmy is having a horrid nightmare about the wedding and the Doomsday creature and he's in a lot of pain. He stumbles onto finding Davis beating the holy hell out of people. It's a brief scene, but is one of the main themes of the episode: DECEPTION.

The next morning, at the Daily Planet, Clark is sort of spying on crimes using police technology, but his savior spree is cut short as Tess confronts and tells him they are leaving for Los Angles, supposedly to give him his big break with a breaking story.

Cut back to Jimmy who tells Chloe that Davis was the killer in the hospital, until Davis shows up and clarifies the situation. He explains that Jimmy's morphine pump must be malfunctioned and is giving him extra doses. Jimmy becomes enraged and doesn't believe hime and Davis leaves the room. Chloe follows Davis out and she apologizes for Jimmy's anger and possible neurosis. Davis assumes it was because Jimmy knew that he kissed Chloe, but she told him that was a secret. Chloe blames herself for what happened in a way by saying that this wouldn't have happened if she never met Jimmy. Problem is that Jimmy actually sees Davis and Chloe share an embrace that doesn't help him calm down.

Back to Tess's corporate jet, though it turns out it actually belongs to Oliver Queen. She's informed with Clark by the pilot that a storm's coming and may lead to a landing elsewhere. Tess explains to Clark about Lex Luthor lo-jacking her and they discuss their respective experience with Lex. Tess says Lex wanted to be like Clarkand that he was his obsession.

Shortly after, they show Jimmy at the hospital, and he's escaped and car-jacks into Davis' paramedic unit parked outside. He snoops around to find a body bag, and -- SURPRISE, SURPRISE -- there's a body in it. Jimmy is startled and breaks some glass and cuts himself just as Davis bursts in. Then, Davis comes clean about the killing a drunk driver, but when Jimmy tries to leave, Davis puts the breaks on him and puts him back in his room. Now this is where I'm confused, Jimmy sees Doomsday taking Chloe, but in reality he's not sure what he sees since he gets held down by hospital officials and Davis... and it's all witnessed by Chloe herself. Go figure.

35 minutes into this episode, Clark gotten little screentime, and Lois is gone again.

Back to Clark and Tess on the airplane and they're trying to enjoy their flight, though Clark is apparently trying to get Tess inebriated to confess about Lex's journal that he was told about about earlier. Tess confesses about her childhood and how it wasn't all Norman Rockwell. As a child she used to pretend she was the Little Mermaid, hiding underwater and being a princess, but then her father would find her and deliver severe beatings. She wants Clark to confess his deep, dark secrets but Clark continues to be coy... then there's some, umm, turbulence.

Clark can't find the pilot and finds there's a hole in the cockpit. Tess says there are no parachutes, but in fact there are two that Clark is aware of. So, clever little Clark makes Tess breathe into an oxygen mask, only to cut off her supply so she'll pass out. A risky move, to be sure, but he jumps them out to safety, since he can leap over a tall building in a single bound, you know.

Elsewhere, Davis is prowling the streets for injustice only to end up getting jumped by Jimmy. Jimmy tries to piss off Davis enough to transform into the creature Jimmy believes him to be. Out of nowhere, Chloe knocks out Jimmy and as Davis is about to transform, Chloe calms him down to hold back the demonic urge. "You've saved me," Davis says to Chloe.

Cut back to Luthor Mansion and Clark visits Tess to check up on her and she informs him that the pilot has yet to be found and that the crash is being investigated. Too bad she is sooooo on to Clark's ruse. She asks how he landed and he said there was one parachute, but Tess knows differently. She tells Clark she feels safe around him and that he can trust her. At thee very least, Clark has a notion Tess knows something.

Later on, Chloe goes to the hospital to pick up Jimmy, but he doesn't want her help. Chloe blames the drugs, but Jimmy states how Chloe doesn't trust him and he leaves on his own stating "Marrying you was the biggest mistake of my life."

Ouch. It ends with a montage of Jimmy selling out Davis to Tess, Tess paying off the pilot to "stay dead", Clark going on patrol, Jimmy taking a plethora of pills of his new pain-relieving prescription, and Chloe crying as the rain pours. Kind of a downer I must say, but I know the show needs some sort of love triangle. But this episode really didn't advance the connection between Davis and Chloe. It feels still feels wooden and forced, though I will have to state again, I'm liking Doomsday as this savage beast trapped into a man's soul.

So how was "Turbulence" treating you? A nice return for Tess Mercer? A good expansion of Doomsday's mythology? Can I get a refund on my wedding gift to Jimmy & Chloe??

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