The Totally Awesome Hulk #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

On Thursday morning Marvel announced via ComicBook another new "All-New All-Different Marvel" series featuring arguably it's most surprising reveal yet: Totally Awesome Hulk. This new Hulk series by returning writer Greg Pak and artist Frank Cho will feature the still as-yet-revealed new Hulk

"The title’s packed with hyperbole and hubris, which is pretty darn appropriate when you find out who this new Hulk actually is," Pak said. "I can say no more."

Pak did say more however, relating how he was asked to return to the Hulk title after his previous run with "Planet Hulk" and how editor Mark Paniccia recruited him back.

"But then a few months ago I got a call from Mark, who said three magic words that I can’t reveal here, and my head exploded," Pak revealed. "And here I am writing the Hulk again. But it's an all-new Hulk with a very different new background and motivations, which is opening up crazy new stories and themes that I'd never imagined before. It's totally in the grand tradition of the Hulk stories I've loved and contributed to for years. But it's also entirely new. This is a huge opportunity and one of those gigs that I simply could not say no to."

Pak contrasts this new un-named Hulk with the original, a.k.a. Bruce Banner, by saying the "Totally Awesome" Hulk actually thinks it's easy being green.

"The new Hulk absolutely loves being the Hulk," the writer states. "And that might create monumental problems for him and all the heroes and villains he comes into contact with."

The released image by series artist Frank Cho not only hides his identity by obscuring his face, but also blacks out his left arm up to his elbow. Pak says that the identity of the new Hulk will be revealed in the first issue and then "hit the ground running."

"This Hulk actually's got a pretty big mouth on him," Pak said, when asked to compare the speech to the original Hulk. "So he probably wouldn’t limit himself to a single word. But I’ll go with an oldie but a goodie: incredible. Because that beloved adjective is going to be entirely relevant: You won’t believe what we’re doing here."

One mystery that will be in the book is the whereabouts of the original Hulk, Bruce Banner.

"But there will be a big mystery regarding exactly what happened to Bruce Banner," Pak explained. "I love that guy and wrote stories about him for years, and we’ve got some pretty huge revelations about him coming down the pike."

Totally Awesome Hulk will also feature guest-stars including Spider-Man, She-Hulk and a mystery character that Pak says has been mentioned but never actually appeared yet.

"There’s also a very important character who’s been mentioned in previous stories but who’s never actually been seen in a Marvel comic who makes her first appearance in our first issue," Pak revealed. "She’s our key supporting character and I love everything about her dynamic with the new Hulk."

Pak also revealed that one of the book's antagonists will be a new female villain, but didn't go into detail.

Cho says when Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso initially mentioned a Hulk project to him, he assumed it was She-Hulk given the artist's propencity for drawing women.

"This project caught me off guard. When Marvel offered me the Hulk project, I naturally assumed, with my background in strong beautiful women, a new She-Hulk book," Cho revealed. "I was surprised when Axel told me it was the Hulk book, and he wanted me to partner with Greg Pak to completely rebuild the Hulk from the ground up. It was a no-brainer. I've always admired Greg's writing and loved his stellar run on "Planet Hulk". The thing that will separate our Hulk from the rest is the humor. From the start, Greg and I wanted to tell a high action adventure with lots of Kirby monsters and humor." 

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