Squadron Supreme by Alex Ross
Squadron Supreme by Alex Ross
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has announced another new series for this fall's "All-New All Different Marvel," Squadon Supreme. The new series by the former Fantastic Four team of James Robinson and Leonard Kirk will feature members pulled from various versions of the team from alternate universes that died in the beginning of Secret Wars.

"I’m having a lot of fun with the flashbacks and memories that the Squadron members have of their past," Robinson said, "showing that they all came from interesting worlds so that hopefully it will be sad that those worlds no longer exist and so the readers kind of get some of the feeling that our characters are going through."

One of the key figures is former Great Society member Doctor Spectrum, as introduced in Jonathan Hickman's recent New Avengers run. She was featured prominently in one of the two "All-New All-Different Marvel" line-up images released earlier in June.

"So, taking this Doctor Spectrum as an example, she’s somewhat of a blank slate. In fact, it will be many issues until we see her without her mask on and see her face," Robinson explained. "That character is that much of a blank slate I’m really adding everything to her and also I’m having quite a lot of fun with her; Jonathan only had a few issues to really deal with everything."

Additional characters include Supreme Power's Nighthawk, Hyperion from Hickman's Avengers, and the long-lost character of Blur from the New Universe title DP7.

"I’m also having fun with Blur who is the Blur of DP 7 of the New Universe so we’re going to be flashing back to the New Universe and seeing characters from that world that you might be surprised to see in flashback when you do."

Kirk said that in the flashbacks to these exiles' previous universes he'll be shifting his art style to match those universes.

"Some flashback stuff will include me throwing in imagery from other books that [have] already been printed," Kirk said. "One of the ideas that James had that I think is a good one is shifting my style to match more the artwork from those various previous appearances. So it’s a bit more jarring visually [as] the artwork looks more like it did in the original publications from years ago."

With their home universes dead and gone, this new team will be affiliated with the Avengers but not in the way you might think.

"In terms of the characters, their attitude is that they’ve all lost their own worlds and they’ve got to save this world no matter what," explained the writer. "So at times that will put them often at odds with the Avengers. They aren’t always going to [do] the thing that you think is the right thing. And that quite frankly as the series goes on will lead to some of them questioning if they’re doing things the right way and others steadfastly believing that they are and that will lead to inner conflicts and everything else."

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