SPIDER-GWEN Returns With New #1 Post-SECRET WARS

Credit: Marvel Comics

IGN is reporting that Marvel is relaunching the Spider-Gwen series for the "All-New All-Different Marvel" era post-Secret Wars. Series writer Jason Latour and artist Robbi Rodriguez are returning to the book, and as Latour explains it not much has changed for Spider-Gwen despite Secret Wars multiverse-spanning storyline.

"The aim with this first couple of issues is to give folks who are new an entry point into Gwen’s world but to also fill in a little back story for people who’ve been with us awhile," said Latour. "So with that in mind we begin with Gwen discovering that someone has re-created Peter Parker’s Lizard formula. This of course is a terrible realization for her, in that becoming The Lizard is what killed Peter and branded Gwen a fugitive. So as she sets out to figure out just who is behind all of this she’s torn between her chances to clear her name and the great debt of responsibility she feels toward Peter’s legacy. It’s a story that will take Gwen down memory lane a little and we’ll see just how a lot of this came to pass."

Latour goes on to say that threads from the previous volume's first arc, "Most Wanted?" will be picked up on in the renumbered Spider-Gwen series, with editor Nick Lowe adding that the series will explore more about what happened to Peter Parker in this universe.

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