Captain Marvel #17 cover by  Joe Quinones
Captain Marvel #17 cover by Joe Quinones
Credit: Marvel Comics

Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick announced Saturday that she will no longer be writing Marvel's Captain Marvel after the end of the current Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps miniseries. The writer announced this during a HeroesCon panel, confirming it later on Twitter.

"So hard to go, but it's time," DeConnick tweeted.

Although DeConnick didn't create Carol Danvers or the Captain Marvel guise, she wrote the relaunching of the character as Captain Marvel beginning in 2012. Over the course of two series and the aforementioned Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps series, DeConnick has been the primary writer of the character which proved popular enough to spur a spin-off Ms. Marvel series and the announcement of a Captain Marvel movie by Marvel Studios for 2018.

In February, DeConnick and husband Matt Fraction signed a deal to develop thier creator-owned comic books and others for potential television projects with Universal TV. DeConnick currently has three creator-owned comic book series, and utilized co-writers on several occasions during her Captain Marvel run for the series to remain on schedule.

Currently, Kelly Thompson is co-writing Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps, but there's been no word of a Captain Marvel project post-Secret Wars with "All-New All-Different Marvel."

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