Spider-Man by Sara Pichelli
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The NY Daily News is reporting a new "All-New All Different Marvel" series titled Spider-Man featuring one-time Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales. The series will be by Ultimate Spider-Man creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, who created the Morales character in 2011. Morales will reportedly be the primary Spider-Man in the "All-New All Different Marvel" universe, with Peter Parker acting as his mentor.

“Our message has to be it’s not Spider-Man with an asterisk," Bendis says," it’s the real Spider-Man for kids of color, for adults of color and everybody else.”

For Peter Parker fans, it's interesting to note the sign for "Parker Industries" as a billboard in the newly released image at right.

NY Daily News ascribes part of the reasoning for making Morales the primary Spider-Man was due to the outspoken "clamoring" for Miles Morales to be the next cinematic Spider-Man when news broke of Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios co-producing a rebooted Spider-Man film franchise.

“Many kids of color who when they were playing superheroes with their friends, their friends wouldn’t let them be Batman or Superman because they don’t look like those heroes but they could be Spider-Man because anyone could be under that mask,” says writer and co-creator Brian Bendis. “But now it’s true. It’s meant a great deal to a great many people.”

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