Are Long-Time COMIXOLOGY Holdouts HELLBOY & DARK HORSE Changing Plans?

Hellboy by Mike Mignola
Credit: Dark Horse Comics

Friday afternoon Comixlogy tweeted out a teaser video showing artwork of Mike Mignola's Hellboy along with a countdown to June 22.

Dark Horse, which publishes Mignola's Hellboy titles, is the biggest American comic book publisher that has not partnered with Comixology, which has become the industry leader in digital comic sales. Instead, Dark Horse launched its own service, Dark Horse Digital, to sell digital editions of its print series.

Dark Horse declined to comment about the teaser video. It's important to note that even if it's a deal for Comixology to sell Hellboy titles digitally that it doesn't necessarily mean Dark Horse's entire comic book line will be available on the service.

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