STEPHEN AMELL Drops ARROW Season 4 Hints & TMNT 2 Clues

Still From Arrow
Still From Arrow
Credit: CW

Arrow star Stephen Amell took to his Twitter feed to allow fans to ask him any questions they wanted using the hashtag #AskAmell.

Though many of the questions were of a sillier nature - with one fan informing him it was "Beef Wellington Day" - Amell did drop some bits about Arrow season 4, and his time on the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

When asked what it was like to work with Sheamus on the set of TMNT2.

When asked if he and Grant Gustin would be hosting CW's DC panel at SDCC.

When asked whether Batman or Superman would win in a fight.

When asked what super power he would want for Oliver Queen.

And finally, when asked to describe the Arrow season 4 premiere in three words. On the show, "Speedy" is actually Oliver Queen's half-sister Thea Queen, who uses her brother's affectionate nickname for her as her codename when she joins Team Arrow. In comic books, Speedy refers to a number of different characters, all of whom have had their share of troubles, from Roy Harper's drug addiction, to Mia Dearden's HIV-positive status. Amell could be hinting at one of those situations, or conceivably something completely different that could be, as he puts it, "wrong."

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