Sara Pezzini vs. Flaming Sword-Wielding Birdman in WITCHBLADE #183 Exclusive Preview

"Witchblade #183" preview

Things get biblical as Witchblade & Keene invade a warlock's house in an exclusive preview for Wednesday's Witchblade #183.

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Francesco Manna
Colorist: Betsy Gonia
Letterer: Troy Peteri
On Sale June 24, 2015
Revelations abound as Sara Pezzini confronts her mysterious assailants, learning not only their true nature, but also the shocking truth of the power they serve. Have Sara and the Witchblade merely been pawns all this time? And will the fallout push her back to New York City, the one place she swore she'd never return?

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