CHANNING TATUM on GAMBIT's 'Unique Opportunity' & Possible Role in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE

"Gambit #4" cover by Greg Land
Credit: Marvel Comics

Channing Tatum is currently out promoting his next film Magic Mike XXL, but he's already begun fielding questions about his debut in superhero movies as Gambit. Tatum recently participated in a Reddit AMA, where he talked about news Rupert Wyatt had been hired to direct the 2016 Gambit movie and the "unique opportunity" the character is.

“We finally found someone that I really do believe wants to make Gambit, it will be the second standalone character," said Tatum. "And I just really think because Gambit is not the most popular or the biggest hero, I think there’s a really unique opportunity. Marvel’s done a lot of great movies that have made a ridiculous amount of money, and it’s always good to figure how to change the form."

Gambit is scheduled to hit theatres October 7, 2016, but some people have been wondering if Tatum's Gambit could show up sooner, such as in the ensemble X-Men: Apocalypse, which comes out May 27, 2016. Tatum shoots down that speculation pretty soundly, saying "No ma'am or sir... I definitely will not."

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