BADGER Returns In New Series From Devil's Due /1First

"Badger #1" cover by Paul Pope
Credit: Devil's Due / 1First Comics

ICv2 reports that one of the flagship titles from the newly merged Devil's Due / 1First Comics company will be a revival of the 1980s independent series Badger. Created by writer Mike Baron, Badger originally launched in 1983 and is co-owned by Baron and 1First Comics. The new Badger series will reportedly launch in September with Baron, artist Jim Fern and colorist Paul Mounts. The artist will change over the course of the five-issue series however, with Tony Akins drawing #2 and then Val Mayerik drawing the remainder of the series.

Badger was one of several notable independent comic book series published in the 1980s, launched by Baron after the sucess of his and Steve Rude's Nexus. After moving from its original publisher Capital Comics, Badger has jumped publishers on numerous occassions from First Comics to Dark Horse, Image Comics, and most recently IDW in 2008.

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