New WONDER WOMAN Costume Debuts, Plus Look At Concept Sketches

Page from "Wonder Woman #41"
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Wednesday's Wonder Woman #41 featured the debut of new wardrobe for Diana. Series artist David Finch's design takes the original "New 52" design by Jim Lee and Cliff Chiang and elaborates on it in with armor and other accoutrements. In addition to being seen on the cover and in the sequential pages, DC published a two-page spread in the back of the book featuring preliminary designs and words from the Finches about the redesign process.

"Diana has become so much more than she was when she first became Wonder Woman," says series writer Meredith Finch who took over the book with 2014's Wonder Woman #36. "I really wanted her new costume to reflect all of her roles: old - as in, member of the Justice League; and new - as in, God of War and Queen of Themyscira."

The Finch redesign is already in action in this week's Superman/Wonder Woman #18, but not in Bryan Hitch's new JLA: Justice League of America #1 nor the solicited cover images for upcoming issues of Justice League.


Credit: DC Comics
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