Good Sports MARVEL Congratulates JURASSIC WORLD On Beating AVENGERS Record

Avengers Congratulate Jurassic World
Avengers Congratulate Jurassic World
Credit: Andy Park

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige tweeted some congratulations to Jurassic World, actor Chris Pratt, director Colin Trevorrow, as well as producers Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg on the film's record breaking opening box office weekend, which surpassed the record previously held by Marvel's Avengers.

Marvel head concept artist Andy Park produced this tongue-in-cheek piece of art commemorating the event, with the Avengers congratulating Chris Pratt as he rides a T-Rex, which holds Thor's hammer.

While a good sport gesture either way, Marvel could have an ulterior motive. Helping further elevate the global box office status of Jurassic World star Chris Pratt, whom they've got locked in to play Peter Quill in up to five more Marvel movies (depending on how you interpret Pratt's recent comments), certainly wouldn't hurt Marvel's bottom line.

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