Report: FLASH Casting A New 'Square-Jawed' Hero

DC Comics August 2015 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics

After yesterday's report that CW's Flash is casting a new love interest for Barry Allen, TVLine is now reporting that the popular show is also casting a new crimefighter for the second season.

Casting notices call the character in his mid-30's to 40's a "classically handsome, square-jawed hero," and also identify the character by the name "John Clark." The character would be a season long role, suggesting that "John Clark" could play an important part in Flash season 2.

While the name "John Clark" is possibly unfamiliar to many fans, it is the name of a longtime letterer for DC Comics, who worked on such titles as Infinity Inc. and All-Star Squadron - which, coupled with the Jay Garrick helmet glimpsed in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow teaser suggests that "John Clark" could be a character from Earth 2. 

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