It's TODAY - SDCC Hotel Reservations Open

David Glanzer on the San Diego Sellout

Today’s the day.

While we reported last week that Four Day Memberships were already sold out, over four months before the convention, today is the day that all the hotel rooms will be sold out.

Or rather, today is the day that hotel reservations for the convention will open at 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern. Comic Con International’s site for making reservations online is here – and it has new rules from last year. Travel Planners will line everyone up in a “waiting room” and will be directed to the booking area. Here’s the important part: if you refresh or reload your page during the waiting period, you will go to the back of the virtual “line”. Those with sketchy internet connections may want to find a secure connection now.

The phone number for making reservations is 877-552-6642.

Forcast for the afternoon – frustration with occasional tears and bursts of triumph.

Best of luck. Check back in here with your stories of tragedy or triumph. There will be plenty of sympathy to go around.

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