CONSTANTINE Officially Dead, JGL Talks SANDMAN Movie, More

Matt Ryan as Constantine
Credit: NBC

When Constantine was not renewed for a second season at NBC, many fans held out hope that it would find a home elsewhere, with many clamoring for the CW to add it to their DC TV universe.

Now, it looks like Constantine is officially dead, according to executive producer Daniel Cerone. Cerone tweeted an explanation over the weekend, saying “I promised I'd share news when I had it -- sadly, that news is not good. The cast and writers of Constantine are being released from their contracts. The studio tried to find a new home for the show, for which we're forever grateful, but those efforts didn't pan out. I'm sorry, I wasn't provided any information on the attempts to sell the show elsewhere. All I can report is that the show is over.”

You can read the full statement here.


Last night, while in attendance at the Spike Guy's Choice Awards, Joseph Gordon-Levitt spoke about his upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, which he will produce and direct. Speaking to MTV News, Gordon-Levitt said “Big spectacular action movies are generally about crime fighters fighting crime and blowing sh-t up. This has nothing to do with that. And it was actually one of the things that Neil Gaiman said to me, he said ‘Don’t have any punching.’ Because he never does. If you read the comics, Morpheus doesn’t punch anybody. That’s not what he does. It’s going to be like a grand spectacular action film, but that relies on none of those same old ordinary cliches. So, that’s why it’s taking a lot time to write, but it’s going to be really good."

Check out a video of the exchange right here:


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Over the weekend, WWE tweeted a brief clip of wrestler Stardust taunting Stephen Amell, saying "I know your secret, Stephen!" While exactly what secret Stardust knows is still a mystery, rumors point to Stardust and Amell meeting in the ring for a special match, with Amell dressed in his Arrow costume. 

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