INVINCIBLE IRON MAN 'Crown Jewel of Disney/Marvel Empire' States BENDIS

Excerpt from "Invincible Iron Man #1"
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

When the new Invincible Iron Man series heading up the "All-New All Different Marvel" line-up was announced at Special Edition: NYC, series writer Brian Michael Bendis called the title star the "crown jewel of the Disney/Marvel Empire." And in an article just released by USA Today, the writer goes more in depth on he and David Marquez are doing, calling it his ideal take on an Iron Man 4 movie.

"[Invincible Iron Man is] a futurist's first look at what he has to do next as a superhero," states Bendis.

And yes, Bendis confirms it's still Tony Stark in the suit.

Bendis, the defacto lead writer for Marvel Comics for over a decade, explains that he wasn't completely onboard to write this new series until he re-watched  Iron Man 3 and was struck by one of the final scenes where Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) found a small screwdriver amidst the rubble of his mansion.

"I loved that shot so much. Everything was destroyed, everything's over," Bendis explains. "He picks up his screwdriver and knows exactly what he needs to do next. This is what I would do for Iron Man 4."

Invincible Iron Man, as all "All-New All-Different Marvel" series, will reportedly be set eight months after the finale of Secret Wars. Bendis said the first issue, due out in October, has a "whopper" for a climax.

"We have a story for him that he's never been involved with before and that challenges him as a character," the writer states. "That is the good stuff."

Credit: Marvel Comics

Picking up the initiative of being  "All-New All-Different," Invincible Iron Man will also have a new itteration of the Iron Man arrmor design by series artist David Marquez. The suit will reportedly be able to change into any past version of the suit at will by the suit's wearer.

Since it's pretty much an obligation to debut new Iron Man armor with every big creative change, Bendis and Marquez collaborated on giving Stark a new high-tech outfit with a helmet reminiscent of an old-school medieval knight.

"It's like a brand new kind of technology but it still brings out the classic Iron Man," Bendis explains. "You just get all the Iron Mans at once, but some new ones."

Credit: Marvel Comics

The armor won't be the only thing that's "All-New All-Different," as USA Today states that the Invincible Iron Man series will feature new characters -- villains, supporting characters, and even a new love interest. But at the end of the day, Bendis boils down the core of his series to two things: Iron Man and the man inside it.

"It's about a boy and his toy," Bendis said," and what would make that toy the coolest toy ever."

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