Second ALL-NEW ALL DIFFERENT MARVEL Teaser Brings More 'New' & More 'Different'

All-New, All-Different Marvel
All-New, All-Different Marvel
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel fans who noticed a conspicuous lack of new and different in their first detailed All-New, All Different teaser might take more comfort in the new, second teaser the publisher just released to the wild.

Credit: Marvel Comics

While still featuring familiar characters, surrounded again by Iron Man (an indication the glue to their cinematic universe is being put front and center in their comic book Universe) there are a few more new wrinkles in this new image. Notably:

  • The female Dr. Spectrum from theGreat Society, a Justice League homage that squared off with the Illuminati during an New Avengers incursion event.
  • Citizen V of the Thunderbolts – a former alter ego for Marvel mainstay villain Baron Zemo, rumored to be appearing in Captain America: Civil War played by Daniel Bruhl.
  • Ben Grimm in a Guardians of the Galaxy uniform. Yet another Fantastic Four character joining a different team, with Johnny Storm set to appear in Uncanny Inhumans.
  • Hyperion in his Avengers get-up – different from the red outfit he wears in the Secret Wars series Squadron Sinister.
  • Marvel has confirmed that the hooded figure is Karnak of the Inhumans, but gave no further details about this version of the character.
  • Inferno, a new addition to the Inhumans who is getting a big push as part of several Inhumans titles.
  • Daredevil, sporting a new black costume reminiscent of the two looks he wore in Netflix’s Daredevil series, with a cowl that covers his nose and wrapped gloves.
  • A new female Wolverine. Marvel would not confirm that this is X-23, but given the character’s long hair, and the configuration of her two claws, it seems like a solid chance.
  • Old Man Logan from the Secret Wars tie-in of the same name.
  • A somewhat younger looking Dr. Strange carrying an axe. While that’s definitely not Jarnbjorn, the axe of the Odinson, it does bear a passing resemblance to the Executioner’s axe.
  • Also present are Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, and Medusa, looking fairly like what we’d expect them to look.
  • And finally, front and center is Iron Man, who Marvel confirmed to Newsarama is central in both this and the previous teaser because his title will be the flagship of the line.
Credit: Marvel Comics

All-New, All-Different Marvel will launch in October, after the conclusion of its line-wide event Secret Wars. The spate of 50-60 All-New, All-Different Marvel titles will roll out over the course of four months, with each title picking up 8 months after the conclusion of Secret Wars in in-universe time.

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