Sean McKeever Leaves Teen Titans With #71

McKeever Leaves Teen Titans With #71

Teen Titans #71

Teen Titans writer Sean McKeever has announced that he will be leaving the series with issue May's #71. At Comic Bloc, McKeever wrote:

“Hey, everyone. A bit of good news/bad news for you. Which is which will depend upon your opinion of my work, I guess...

“I have decided to leave Teen Titans. My last issue will be #71.

“It's been a wild ride for 22 issues (plus an Annual and Terror Titans)--sometimes good, sometimes bad, and often awesome. I've really come to care about these kids during my tenure, but now it's time for me to place my focus elsewhere.

“However, you will still see my name in Teen Titans for a while, as I'm writing the Ravager co-feature in the back of the book. It's gonna be great to get inside Rose's head and write her with a first-person narrative. (Of which you'll get a preview in my last full issue.)

“Because of this decision, it's likely that you won't see me in this thread a great deal. There isn't a lot about the Ravager story that I want to reveal in detail and I obviously don't have much to tell you about the future of the title's main course.”

When contacted by Newsarama about his reasons for leaving Teen Titans, McKeever said, “I did have future plans for Teen Titans but I just found myself needing to step away. I guess I'd have to chalk this one up to the vague and oft-used ‘creative differences.’ It happens.

“I do still have a working relationship with Dan and DC, as evidenced by my coming onboard as writer of the Ravager serial. I'm also currently talking to Dan about a couple cool and exciting possibilities for the future.”

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