DC YOU Presents 'New And Exciting Jump-On Points' For Its Characters

DC Comics August 2015 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics

DC Entertainment co-publisher Dan DiDio recently sat down with DC All Access to discuss the 24 new titles launching as part of the company's "DC You" promotion. Speaking about the change from the New 52 branding, DiDio said "We always knew it was going to come off at some point...This is a chance for us to really open things up, to let each character breathe and stand on its own two feet."

DiDio went on to discuss the diversity in DC's new line, not just in genre, but in its creators. "What we're really trying to do, is we found a really strong, really diverse group of creators, and we're letting them bring their personality, their sensibilities, their interest to the characters and books. I think that's what's really driving this.

"As much as we wanted to diversify our line and style, we're really letting the creators define what that is."

DiDio also talked about the new titles as jumping-on points.

"We really wanted you to come into a number one and feel like you're meeting a character for the first time. With the returning characters, the books continuing the numbering, we really wanted new and exciting jump-on points for those characters... If you weren't reading them beforehand, there might be enough buzz to make you want to sample and see what's happening."

Check out the full video interview right here:

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