ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT MARVEL Still 'The Marvel Universe You Know'

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Marvel Comics Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso did a round of interviews with various media outlets confirming some information about their October-launching All-New, All-Different Marvel-branded line-wide relaunch and revealing some new info. Among the highlights was new information about the state of Spider-Man, which characters will see big changes, and which icons might be different characters entirely.

"We've put the onus on the creators to come up with big changes in the lives of our characters, whether it's Spider-Man or Ms. Marvel or Daredevil or the Hulk," Alonso told USA Today. "You're going to be looking at, in certain cases, new characters inhabiting those roles, and new characters dealing with profound changes in the relationships with others around them and where they live.

"We've challenged everybody to come up with the right 'Oh s***' reveal for their character to shake it up and make it interesting."

The storylines of the All-New, All-Different Marvel titles will take place 8 months after the end of Secret Wars, including characters from various alternate timelines and realities, and will establish the new status quo of every character in the line. All-New, All-Different Marvel launches in October, after the conclusion of Secret Wars, with 55-60 titles rolling out over a period of four months starting that month

Characters that will see big changes include the Hulk, who will not be Bruce Banner. Alonso also confirmed to IGN that there would be two Spider-Mans – presumably Peter Parker and Miles Morales, though Alonso was cagey about confirming their identities – and that Sam Wilson, the former Falcon, would remain as Captain America.

Also remaining is Jane Foster, the new Thor. When asked about the presence of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, Alonso pointed to the return of Wolverine, who he disclosed would be a new character, and the prominence of Fantastic Four characters in Secret Wars.

Alonso said of the new Wolverine to IGN, “Wolverine will be back sort of - a new Wolverine - and I think that is also going to be seismic when people see who it is. I think it's going to create a lot of excitement about the character and then force people to look at Wolverine through new eyes, so to speak.”

Alonso confirmed that an image that would reveal the new Wolverine would be released some time on Friday.

IGN’s chat also addressed how Spider-Gwen would exist in the new Marvel Universe, with Alonso revealing said would remain in her own universe, but would “be popping back and forth,” between that and the main MU. Alonso also revealed that Marvel has plans for both Dr. Strange and Black Panther (stars of upcoming Marvel Studios feature films), but couldn’t confirm whether they would receive new solo titles.

A surprising character in this new character group image is that of Red Wolf, a Native American character in Marvel lore. At IGN, Alonso says the character will show up in the Secret Wars series 1872 and will continue to have a featured role with All-New All-Different Marvel.

"I'd prefer not to say exactly what his role is. What I would say is, he's a breakout character," says the Marvel E-i-C. "Pick up a couple 1872s, because we have big plans for the character moving forward.Odds are, he's going to be a part of the Marvel Universe. Let's put it that way."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alonso framed All-New All-Different Marvel as the the comic book equivalent of a television show's new season, further saying that the "season model" is something that Marvel and the comics industry as a whole is transitioning towards.

"And so [Secret Wars] transformed the Marvel Universe we’re looking at, which is the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter. And that said, most importantly, I think that the comics industry—certainly, we are—slowly working into a season model that’s not too unlike what we see in our favorite cable TV shows: a seasonal model that offers accessible entry points for new readers and is respectful of long-term fans," says Alonso. "We did Marvel NOW! and All-New Marvel NOW!, which were both two very successful campaigns. And this is the latest campaign."

Speaking on whether the “All-New, All-Different” Marvel constituted a reboot, Alonso told the New York Post “This isn’t a Marvel Universe where the sky is green or there’s no water. This is the Marvel Universe you know with a few constructive tweaks.

“There may be some new characters. There may be some changes to the relationships. But it’s the Marvel Universe. It’s just the next chapter.”

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