DEADPOOL VS. THANOS Promises 'Crazy Big Cosmic Ideas'

Deadpool Vs. Thanos
Deadpool Vs. Thanos
Credit: Marvel Comics
Deadpool Vs. Thanos
Deadpool Vs. Thanos
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel's Merc with a Mouth and the Mad Titan might seem worlds apart, but they have one big thing in common: they love Death (That's "Death" with a capital "D".) And now, when the cosmic entity known as Death disappears and everyone in the universe is prevented from dying, Deadpool and Thanos are pulled together in the oddest of oddball team-ups to find her.

Scheduled to launch as a bi-weekly four-issue series in September, Deadpool vs. Thanos by Tim Seeley and Elmo Bondoc brings these two together over their mutual ex-girlfriend. Featuring covers by Tradd Moore, Deadpool vs. Thanos crisscrosses the Marvel U from Earth to space, Hell and a place beyond it all according to Seeley -- and he talked to us for more.

Newsarama: Tim, what should people expect from Deadpool vs. Thanos?

Tim Seeley: We went big on this one...this story takes us all across Marvel Earth in #1, from one end to the other of Marvel space in #2, all across Marvel Hell is #3, and #4 takes place in, well, nowhere! Expect drama, crazy big cosmic ideas, and a lot of cool cameos too!

Nrama: Deadpool and Thanos may seem worlds apart, but they both have had some dealings with the physical manifestation of Death. Will that play a role here?

Seeley: The dynamic we play with is that shared relationship... both Thanos and Deadpool have had love affairs with Marvel's personification of death, cleverly named...Death. In this story, Death goes missing, which causes a plague of immortality across the universe. Nothing can die. And it's messing up everything. Death reaches out for help...from Deadpool. So, there's a jilted lover aspect to Thanos in this tale, but he needs Deadpool to find her.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Nrama: And will Death herself show up in this series?

Seeley: Oh yeah, she's all over the book!

Nrama: So what's so wrong in a universe where people aren't dying?

Seeley:  Well, a whole lot. Because it's not just people. It's every living thing in the universe. Feed animals, bacteria, viruses...And this causes a whole lot of chaos! Not to mention that people whose job it is to kill people, like Deadpool for instance, are suddenly out of work.

Nrama: Thanos is known as mostly serious but with some zany moments in the past, and Deadpool is almost the exact opposite. How do they do when put together?

Seeley: Thanos hates Deadpool! He hates that he takes things so lightly. It's telling that Thanos kills Deadpool on the second page. Meanwhile, Deadpool thinks Thanos is kind of a big, mopey emo kid, and he can't help but constantly antagonize him.

Nrama: Who else is in this series besides these three?

Seeley: Lots of great cameos...Death obviously, Mephisto, Dr. Doom, The Avengers, The Guardians of The Galaxy. And one of the main characters is one of the greatest Marvel villains of all time; the Black Talon!

Nrama:You're working on this with a relative comics newcomer in Elmo Bondoc. His work on Ms. Marvel #12 was impressive, so how do you think he'll do with this? Is there something particular you see in his art that'll be good for this series?

Seeley: At first I wasn't sure he was the right guy for the gig , honestly. But Jordan felt like he was our guy, and I trust Jordan with my life. Turns out, I was the asshole, and Elmo is amazing. His comedic chops are right up there with veteran cartoonists. I was stunned by how well he drew my crazy ass script. It's dark and twisted, but with the energy of a humor comic.

Nrama: Last question -- two other big comic characters are facing off next year in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. What would the subtitle be for a Deadpool v Thanos movie?

Seeley:Deadpool v Thanos: Do you bleed, bro?

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