Still from "Lucifer"
Credit: Fox
Credit: DC/Vertigo

One Million Moms has launched a petition asking Fox to cancel their planned spring 2016 television series Lucifer. The show, based on the DC/Vertigo series of the same name, focuses on the biblical demon as he leaves Hell to live in Los Angeles in what One Million Moms describes will " glorify Satan as a caring, likeable person in human flesh."

One Million Moms is a website created by the Christian fundamentalist non-profit organization American Family Association.

"The series will focus on Lucifer portrayed as a good guy, 'who is bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell.'He resigns his throne, abandons his kingdom and retires to Los Angeles, where he gets his kicks helping the LAPD punish criminals," says One Million Moms. "At the same time, God's emissary, the angel Amenadiel, has been sent to Los Angeles to convince Lucifer to return to the underworld."

The organization takes particular issue with several elements from the show's trailer and the depiction of "graphic acts of violence, a nightclub featuring scantily-clad women and a demon."

As of this writing, 0.35% of the so-called "one million moms" have signed the petition.

This wouldn't be the first time this organization has lobbied against comic books and related media, as in 2012 they called out both Marvel and DC for depicting gay characters.

Neither Fox nor those involved with Lucifer have commented on this petition.

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