SPOILERS: CLARK & DIANA's Problems Just One June Clue in This Week's DC Sneak Peeks

DC Sneak Peek Week 4
Credit: DC Comics

Earlier Wednesday, Newsarama pointed out the surprising twist revealed in the sneak peek for Justice League United.

That wasn't the only surprise in today's release of DC's eight-page stories, as the publisher gears up for their June launch of new titles and relaunch of the existing titles after the two-month Convergence break.

Credit: DC Comics

Elsewhere in today's "DC Sneak Peek" line-up:

In the eight-page peek at Superman/Wonder Woman, which is going to be part of "The Truth" storyline, we see Superman stealing a shuttle from the Justice League headquarters and taking it straight toward the sun, presumably trying to power up (because he's lost most of his powers, as was shown in the Superman eight-page story.

The real surprise? On the final page, Clark tells Diana he doesn't love her anymore. Is this a trick by Clark to get her away from him? Is the new character Lee Lambert, teased by Greg Pak on Newsarama, also a new love interest, who turns his head away from Diana?

Credit: DC Comics

The peek for Earth 2 Society has a bit of a surprise — the planet (created from the Convergence planet) is situated in the orbit of a binary star system. One star is yellow and one is red, which doesn't bode well for Kryptonians during half of the day. The peek (which takes place one year after the events of World's End) reveals that there are new cities on this planet called New Gotham and Neotropolis. Although Val-Zod apparently isn't a costumed hero anymore, we catch Power Girl and Dick Grayson Batman trying to stop Huntress and Red Arrow Oliver Queen from enabling a "Genesis Machine." The other big surprise is who's helping Ollie and Helena — it's Jimmy Olsen, and he's calling himself Doctor Impossible.

Batgirl, the adventures of Barbara Gordon in Burnside continue — this time with a video game influence — and we see Frankie in her new role as an Oracle-type helper for Babs (although the creative team is still stopping short of giving her the official Oracle name). Also worth noting is a series of hints on the last page that includes Barbara meeting the new Batman/dad Jim Gordon, and a tease about the villain Livewire.

There's a similar sneak peek for Black Canary, and we see the cast introduced, as well as Black Canary's role in her band. In the Cyborg sneak peek, we learn how Vic gets a redesign — he actually dies and gets regenerated. The new design has him looking more human.

Credit: DC Comics

The eight-page stories for Harley Quinn and Sinestro introduce their cast and set up the next storylines for those books. And readers of The Flash learn in his sneak peek that Barry is roommates with Hartley Rathaway (now that he and Patty aren't together). And of course, the final page gives readers another glimpse of the already-teased Professor Zoom, but this time with some members of his "Doom Crew" — the team of villains he's assembled for the next storyline.

We Are…Robin introduces a few of the key players and how they fight crime — they communicate via their phones, and they utilize technology to work together against the criminals in Gotham. Some of the new characters are only identified by screen names like "Shug-R," "TheTroyWonder," and "Robina," but readers are also given a glimpse of characters already confirmed by writer Lee Bermejo to Newsarama — Dax and Riko, who appeared in Detective Comics: Endgame #1.

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