IDW Teases Project With Novelist WILLIAM GIBSON

IDW's William Gibson teaser
Credit: IDW Publishing
Credit: IDW Publishing

On Tuesday evening, IDW Publishing posted an image on its Twitter page teasing a project with acclaimed prose novelist William Gibson. The teaser features a backdrop of the flags for the United States, England and the U.S.S.R., with copy reader saying "Coming June 6th, 1945" but with a "2016" below that.

Given the backdrop and the date of June 6, 1945 date, it would seem to refer to the Cold War era. The day prior was the official end of the European front of World War II with the signing of the "Declaration Regarding the Defeat of Germany and the Assumption of Supreme Authority by Allied Powers."

There's no additional information on the nature of the project, or even if its necessarily comics as IDW has diversified into games, prose novels, television and movies.

Although Gibson has never written comics himself, several of his short stories and novels have been adapted into comics, including an adaptation of his seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer in 1989 for Marvel's Epic line by Tom DeHaven and Bruce Jensen. Gibson also contributed the foreword to Warren Ellis and D'Israeli's one-shot, SVK.

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