LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Promo Questions JAY JACKSON's Superhero Identity And Where Other Half of FIRESTORM Is

"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" promo photo
Credit: The CW

The web show DC All Access is back with a new episode, this time hosting red carpet interviews with much of the cast of the forthcoming CW series DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The interviews were conducted prior to the show's trailer being released, so some of the questions have been answered by that trailer -- but there are some interesting wrinkles.

Actor Franz Drameh is interviewed for his role of Jay Jackson, and he recounts what's already public knowledge about him being a high school sports star knocked out of the game with an injury who takes up being an auto mechanic. DC All Access host Tiffany Smith asks Drameh about possible superheroes, even asking if he'll "have any metal on him," but doesn't receive a substantive answer, nor does Smith say what DC hero she could be referring to with the question. There has been speculation that Jackson could play Cyborg, but there's been no word on that.

Victor Garber is asked about his role and being "half" of a man with the other half of Firestorm not being listed for the show, but Garber says "he'll" be around. In The Flash, Robbie Amell plays the other half of Firestorm, but interestingly DC All Access and everything related to DC's Legends of Tomorrow have been careful to not mention Amell or his civilian identity Ronnie Raymond.

Watch the video in full here:

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is scheduled to debut on the CW in early 2016.

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