Nick Lyons on Bluewater's Vincent Price Presents

Lyons on Vincent Price Presents

Vincent Price #6

For years, actor Vincent Price called movies, film and cinema his home. Although now sadly departed, his legend will live on in cinemas and now in comics. In October 2008, Bluewater Comics began publishing the comic series Vincent Price Presents which features some of Price's films as well as new stories featuring Price. Consider it new stories starring Price in new roles.

Fully endorsed and planned in conjunction with Vincent Price's estate, the series has gone on for several issues. That brings us to the upcoming issue, #6, which features a new story featuring Vincent Price entitled "The Dame". In the story, Private Eye Frank Wood (Vincent Price) is on the case of a wealthy husband's missing wife – and when the mystery comes back to implicate the husband, a deadly secret is to be revealed on what's going on.

This one shot is by writer Nick Lyons and artist Bang Thai. Newsarama covered the launch of this series last year, we return to talk to Lyon about the series so far and what new readers could expect.

Newsarama: Nick, what can you tell us about Vincent Price Presents #6?

Nick Lyons: This issue revolves around a private eye named Frank Wood (modeled after Vincent Price) who takes on a case in which he must track down a wealthy husband's missing wife. Upon further investigation, he discovers that his client is hiding a major secret about his wife. It's very much a horror/film noir esque tale.

NRAMA: Do you have more issues of Vincent Price Presents planned?

NL: Vincent Price Presents is actually a monthly series. Various writers and artists (such as Chad Helder, Scott Davis, Giovanni Timpano, and Bang Thai) have worked on the issues and Joel Robinson does the incredible covers as well as some introductions/conclusions featuring Vincent Price. Additionally, I myself have written three other Vincent Price Presents issues which will likely be released later this year and early next year.

NRAMA: How'd you end up writing Vincent Price Presents?

NL: I contacted Bluewater President Darren Davis and pitched a few ideas I had for the horror anthology series Vincent Price Presents. He and editor Chad Helder liked one of my ideas and asked me to write up a script. The rest is history!

NRAMA: Were you a big fan of Vincent Price prior to writing this title?

NL: Absolutely. I'm a big film buff and I have always admired his work. He was an extremely versatile actor who acted in everything from critically acclaimed classics like Laura to enjoyable cult classics The Fly and The Tingler.

NRAMA: Before we go, what else do you have planned in comics?

NL: A 4 issue mini-series based on the horror film Warlock, a 4 issue mini titled Rain, a Medusa one-shot, and a big horror Vs. series that will be announced shortly. I am also in the early stages of working on several other projects as well.

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